A copy of my article published on the Vampires Rock Website

This is a copy of the article published on the following website: http://www.vampiresrock.com/review.html
Im producing this copy because you have to scroll a lot to find it within the website

Vampires Rock Packs a Real Bite

 The smoke fills the room; the audience is reduced to an inaudible mumble as the opening riff of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ is played.

The audience doesn’t sit still for very long, soon they are on their feet, screaming as Steve Steinman (or Baron Von Rockula) takes the stage. As he starts to sing, the audience is temporarily shocked at just how amazing his voice is.

For the next two hours Steve Steinman, with the help of his band ‘The Hellbound Express’ rock the show in his club ‘Live and Let Die’  

We are introduced to Stringfellow, Baron Von Rockula’s assistant who is a typical undead servant, but with his string of crude jokes, its laugh after laugh in this rock extravaganza.


Next we are introduced to the star himself, Baron Von Rockula, whose stage presence alone knocks the crowd back. He plays a depressed club owner looking for love, the ultimate romance story….with a twist. Baron Von Rockula happens to be a vampire, and his ‘lost love’ he seeks, is a bride to be with him for eternity. As he slinks back into his club, you can’t help but notice his stylish jacket, which touches the floor and really emphasizes the power.


Next, the auditions are held for his bride, and she comes in the name of Pandora. A breathtaking blonde singer, unfortunately she has hidden all of her looks and ‘talents’ under a dull trench coat and ugly red hat. As she starts to sing Karen Carpenters ‘Close To You’ the audience burst into hysterics, whilst Stringfellow goes even whiter than usual in shock.

 Suddenly there is a noise and Baron Von Rockula comes out, looking shocked at Pandora’s choice of song whilst memorized by Pandora’s looks. Stringfellow pulls her to one side, as Baron Von Rockula and the Hellbound express show her what true rock music is, the audience stare as they watch Pandora slowly lose her soul to rock and roll. The coat and hat come flying off and everyone gets a shock when, under her coat, they see a black mini skirt, knee high boots and a skin tight black top. We slowly see Pandora lose herself to the rock and roll lifestyle throughout the show as her outfits become more and more risque. Pandora and the Baron truly steal the show with an amazing rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the heart’.

 The amazingly sexy dances performed by Shereen and Harriet, really add the identity of vampires. Dark, alluring, sexual and irresistible; all these emotions and more were shown in such a way that all women were wishing they could move like that and all men wishing they didn’t come with girlfriends or wives.

 From start to finish this show is packed with amazing renditions of classic rock songs such as Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister, Gun’s and Rose’s, Queen and, of course, Steve Steinman’s trademark Meatloaf. Each and every song has people singing loudly and with a deafening applause.

 The ‘Hellbound Express’ band with Eddie ‘fingers’ Odeja, Mary ‘Garner’ Garcia and Matt Watson on guitar; Craig Bartle on Bass; Tommy Parrott on drums and Pete Robertson on piano make this show a un-forgettable one.

 By Sarah-Jayne Bull (now Sarah-Jayne Collins)


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