Letter to myself


 Congratulations, you made it into university and survived your first year. This is a big milestone in your life and you have worked so hard to get there. Don’t give up now, I know it’s hard and I am pretty sure you would have spent most of your first year locked away in your room researching various projects for hours on end.


STOP STRESSING! You have a tendency to do that and it makes you ill. You don’t want to end up in hospital again because you pushed yourself so far. Remember your mum’s philosophy; as I’m sure she’s repeated to you a hundred times; “if you’re stressing, you’re not working so nothing will get done”. Don’t you hate that she’s always right.


Don’t be scared to get help, you are stubborn and think you can do it all yourself, but this is not the time to ignore the help given to you. Your strength has always been your creative ability, now work on your writing ability; hopefully mum would have talked you into joining extra curricular classes that teach you how to do this. You could easily become a brilliant writer, but you have to accept help!


You’ve had a hard time getting here, haven’t you? The first year has been tough on you both academically and emotionally. You’re growing up, making your own decisions and have finally decided to cut the apron strings and move from home. This is scary, but remember that you have been through so much and you have more strength than you give yourself credit for. Your mum has been your rock through it all but your strength helped you pull through in times when you thought you couldn’t!


A year in, you should be settled into university and making substantial steps to secure your future as a journalist; whilst at college you were lucky enough to be published in different genres which helped you develop your journalistic ideas. Now its time to use university to help you develop skills which will help you in your future such as shorthand; this will be difficult and I’m sure you have shed tears of defeat when you don’t quite get it but you’ll do it.

Hopefully you would have started to write for a local paper like The Citizen, and if you have been really good then you may have been published in an international magazine.


Always the avid reader, your reading should have become even more advanced in the past year and I’m sure you have read the reading list given to you by your tutor because you always do things to the extreme, you never think you’re good enough do you? Even when you won student of the year you debated it? Well, this has to stop, how can you expect those around you to have confidence in your ideas if you do not show it!


You should have started planning your magazine in the rare bit of spare time you get; looking into how you will get it published, models and more importantly cost. I still think the best way for you would be to work whilst you’re planning the magazine and create some savings because living your dream is going to cost you. I’m sure you have been working it out for some time, you just need to put it into action now; there are probably a hundred different distractions in your life that will draw your attention away from the magazine but you have to stay focused. This is your future. All the work you have done has been leading to this point, don’t lose it now!


Keep Smiling



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