Paolo Nutini Review

I recently went to see Paolo Nutini play at the O2 arena in Birmingham- this is a review of the gig.

The atmosphere was electric in the arena, a relatively small venue for a man renowned for the power in his voice. This helped create a more intimate feel to the performance as you could see and hear Paolo clearly throughout. This made it feel almost as if he was singing to you.

As the crowd waited for Paolo to take the stage, we were treated to a Swing and Jazz medley that were similar to the style in which Paolo would be performing. However, after ten minutes of songs, the crowd start to get restless despite a group rendition of the song “I can’t take my eyes of you” by Frankie Valli. Soon the crowd were chanting Paolos name in an attempt to call him on stage.

Eventually, Paolo entered the stage, followed by a swing band and guitarist. Opening with “10 out of 10″ Paolo showed an incredibly high standard instantly, he did not disappoint. Throughout the next hour, we were treated to much of his first album “these streets” and at least half of his second album “coming up easy”. Paolo played three new tracks that I had not heard but thoroughly enjoyed, his voice sounding as soulful and smooth as on his albums.

By far, the best song performed was “pencil full of lead”, this already upbeat song was only improved by the use of a live swing band. Paolo gave everything he had and thoroughly enjoyed singing it which came through in his enthusiasm with each songs.

The only thing that brought down the atmosphere was the technical problems; half way through Paolo’s set the microphone broke. This, understandably annoyed the audience as well as the band who were subjected to a few boo’s from the audience. At this point the band walked off stage as there was nothing they could do; this left the crowd anxious as the inaudible whispers asking whether Paolo would come back began. After five minutes, the stage hands had got the microphone working and Paolo returned due to the chanting of the crowd.Unfortunately, just as the crowd was getting into “Jenny don’t be hasty”, the microphone broke again. Luckily, this was just a glitch and the crowd hardly noticed amongst the deafening singing voices of the crowd.

With a blend of saxophones, trumpets and electic guitars, this was an amazing concert which brought many of Paolo’s songs alive. I left the arena having a hoarse throat from singing so much and enjoying the adrenaline rush you can only get from seeing an amazing concert. I would recommend this to anyone, including people who may not know many of Paolos songs.


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