Coventry Conversation With Rebecca Shiner

The reality show Big Brother is dying out; the viewer figures are less than half of what they were before. “Big Brother was a show based on putting people into the house to see how they get on, but now they have turned it into a freak show. No way would any normal people go in, you have to be a freak”

This comment is from Becky Shiner, otherwise known as Bex from Big Brother 9; what you see is what you get with this girl. There was no faking on Big Brother; she is as ditzy as she was shown. Well known for showing her body  in the house, Bex originally entered the house to show that you could be happy with your body despite not being a size 6, 8 or 10.

Rejected three times for having “ADHD”, Bex ended up getting the psychologists to go to her mums house for her to tell them that she was not ADHD; this resulted in the contestants going in a week earlier as a test run to see if she would be ok in the house and  not bullied. Admitting she was slightly more eccentric in the auditions Bex claims “everyone plays up at the audition, I was myself but a little more extreme- I just wanted to be Kinga”

 Preparing to enter the house was stressful for her “after the BB audition, your life goes on hold for a year. You get loads of calls and requests to come back to London. You are kept in a room as big as a toilet for 18 hours; blindfolded with headphones. I p****d in a shower because I couldn’t be bothered to go through the process”

Such a down to earth girl, you wouldn’t think that she earned £32,000 in 24 hours after leaving the Big Brother house. This money has now gone, spent on clothes bags and kitting out a new flat in London. Bex has since moved back with her mum in Coventry but still makes public appearances for money; even coming to Coventry Fresher’s Week last year.  However, this ended badly as she had stuff thrown at her and was booed by the crowd, once she turned and told them to fail their exams, the cheers began.

 Commenting on life in the Big Brother house, she stated that it was edited to look like she had a problem with fellow contestant Rex. “They made it out that we were always arguing. We were closer, we had the most private jokes but they wasn’t shown”

After Big Brother, Bex admitted the fame lasted around three months, and although it was fun at first at times it was frustrating “ I was at a train station and there were so many people there I had to be escorted to first class by the police and told to sit there”

 Then came the item we were dying to ask about, her relationship with Luke and its progression since leaving the Big Brother house. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good news; although reluctant to admit that she and Luke have split up she did mention that they live apart with Luke in Wiggan.

To add  to the suspicion, Bex admitted she was going to Australia for a year without Luke “ we may have started drifting apart but we still see each other all the time, I just want to go out and get drunk with my friends and he wants to stay in reading books”

 Bex is going to hit the headlines again over the next few weeks by getting a tattoo of John and Edward (contestants on X factor) on her bottom for a deal with various papers and magazines such as the Daily Star. Although she didn’t win Big Brother, she is by far the most successful contestant and I have a feeling we won’t have heard the last of her!


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