Film Review- A piece of our life (KaKera)

The students of Coventry University were lucky enough to receive a first glimpse at this film. This film follows the life of two very different people; a shy and withdrawn student called Haru who is constantly suffering emotional abuse at the hands of her boyfriend and the self-assured Rico, a bisexual medical student who works for Tanaka prosthetics creating artificial limbs for people.

Whilst Haru is sitting in a cafe contemplating the ill-treatment she receives from her ‘boyfriend’; who seems only to use her for sex, she meets the gaze of a staring Rico. When Rico comes over to the shy Haru, she confesses her attraction to Rico and leaves a confused looking Haru with her number.
Haru rings Rico after, once again, being mistreated by Riyato and forms a friendship. This is when Haru starts to come out of her shell, enjoying the more emotional side of a relationship, they start to do everything together.

This film is an emotional rollercoaster, subjecting the audiences to highs such as Rico’s confession of love and the lows of the emotional suffering Haru is subjected to at the hands of her boyfriend. As we follow the girls relationship, it develops into something more as Haru returns the feelings of Rico and they become a couple. A confused Haru, who spends most of the film as a mute starts to come out of her shell and speak to Rico.

Things quickly deteriorate from here as Rico is very controlling, and wants to spend all her time with Haru. We see how the two want different things from the relationship and eventually decide to go there separate ways. Haru doesn’t know what she wants in a relationship and spends most of the film feeling confused and looking overwhelmed at the constant affection given to her by Rico.

I found this film a little hard to get my head around, although it was a simple storyline it was hard to work out what Haru was doing. There were some particularly moving scenes such as when Rico comforts a distraught Haru in her bedroom, and slips a good luck charm ring on her finger. 
The final scene sees Haru give out a heart wrenching scream, finally she breaks the silence and lets out all the emotion that she has been holding throughout the film.

I would recommend this film to anyone, as it appeals to people on more than one level. Sure, there is no blood or items blowing up. Instead, you get a heart warming story of love, exploration and heartbreak…a throughly enjoyable watch


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