Fairytale comes to Coventry


Coventry has gained a reputation for creating family themed Christmas shows, this year having the theme Fairytale.

On Sunday 29th November, Coventry will switch on their Christmas lights.

The main attraction is the gingerbread house, set in Precinct Cross, decorated by Museum of curiosities and has candy cane poles and a jammy dodger roof.  The Museum of curiosities is also presenting their own show “Spiritus Statua” including characters such as the Cringle Brothers, Betram Sherbert and Lottie sixpence; viewers will be shown a world of fantasy and enchantment finishing with a Christmas tree created before their very eyes.

To add to the excitement, people are being given a chance to win a trip to Lapland for three days. Leaving on the 16th December, the winner will be able to watch elves making toys in Santa’s workshop, enjoy hot chocolate by the fire and reindeer rides through the snow.
Mick McLaughlin, Marketing and Communication Manager from organising company CV One, commented “we wanted to go down a different route, creating a magical experience aimed at families.”

When asked why he chose Britain’s Got Talent contestant Elliot Evans to sing at the event, Mick stated that he wanted “an artist out of Coventry, we wanted to show what Coventry has to offer”

The musical showcase will be held at the Travel lodge balcony, with the crowds being entertained by legendary R n B singer Beverley Knight, X factor contestants Harmony Hood and Britain’s Got Talent contest Elliot Evans. With entertainment like this, the countdown to the 5 o clock switch on will come in no time.


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