Armed Robbery shocks the City

Armed Robbery Shocks the City Centre

 Christmas shoppers in Milton Keynes were shocked when armed robbers opened fire in an attack on jewellery store, Leslie Davies, on 1st December. Whilst viewing the circus- themed Christmas display, in nearby Middleton Hall, they were subjected to a harrowing experience when three armed men stole watches from the jewellery store.

 Customers of the store took cover as the armed robbers fired five shots and released CS gas. After security was alerted, officers evacuated customers and store staff from eighty different stores in the centre.  Although no one was seriously wounded, an adult and child were admitted to hospital suffering side affects from the CS gas.

Officers have confirmed the the spent cartridges recovered from the scene are blank. It is believed the firearm may have been a handgun, which is consistent with early indications from some witnesses.

The suspects ran from the city, escaping in a stolen black Ford Focus which was then abandoned near a bridge on North Row, next to Conniburrow.

Although many witnesses have come forward, the police are encouraging anyone who was at the city to come forward with information on the shooting.  Detective Chief Inspector Pete Vigurs stated “I would like to reassure the residents of Milton Keynes that incidents of this nature are rare and officers are working extremely hard to bring those responsible to justice”

Three men have been arrested and are being questioned, however, no one has been charged over the incident. All shops in the centre, apart from Leslie Davies, are open for business as usual.


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