My radio package was Eye Opening

For an assignment, we had to create a radio package surrounding a subject of our choice. I decided to create one on 999 Text deaf service as I felt it was a big invention that had recieved little, if any press.
This invention could change the lives of so many deaf people and open up the lines of communication with the emergency services.
Although still in a trial, I am struggling to understand the lack of media attention. Not only could this be amazing for deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired people, it could open up so many amazing doors for people who suffer abuse at the hands of their partners.

Through my research I found many of the major audiologists weren’t aware that this existed, eager to find out why I contacted the head of audiology in Milton Keynes General to ask. According to her, it is currently in a trial which means that the server could not take to many members. Once it becomes official in 2010/2011 the server will be increased to manage the vast quantities.

The most rewarding part of the project for me was meeting the various people who were deaf or hard of hearing, naive as it is, a part of me thought I was the only one struggling with day to day life but meeting others- some proffessionals in my chosen trade- was inspiring and very humbling.
I will upload the file as soon as I can, there are technical difficulties on the site.


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