Final Letter to Self…

Hey Sarah-Jayne,

Looking back to a year ago, I can’t believe how much things have changed. Ok, so I didn’t quite stick to the ‘no stressing’ that I promised myself, but I’m becoming more productive with it. I have developed a system, as flawed as it is. Rant and scream on the phone for 10 minutes and then think logically. Maybe next year, I will schedule better so I won’t need to get stressed as when mistakes happen I will have enough time to fix them. That’s one of the many lessons Shelly taught me!

I planned to move into halls and gain my independence. This didn’t happen and I’m glad; I have been so ill this year that I don’t think I would have coped on my own…take now for instance, I’m visibly ill and still pushing myself to make sure everything is done to my ‘perfectionist’ standard.
Thats another thing, I have stopped pushing myself. I learned very early on at uni that whilst I might have excelled at college, Uni work is a whole different ‘kettle of fish’ and I have settled on average. I generally get between 54% and 65% so I don’t think its to bad, just not what I thought. Still next year maybe I will do better, hopefully no operations.

My dreams have changed, I am no longer wanting to create a magazine, a certain project at university put me off it. Instead I want to work in radio, and to encourage this I am signing up to the local radio for work experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my package and have decided I would like a career in this industry when I go into the ‘real world’.

I feel more prepared for the industry, studying Shorthand as an Add + Vantage module was a big help and I am planning to continue this next year. The modules have been hard and, I admit, at times I wondered what the point in them was. I see now that they have prepared me for all elements such as different styles of writing, understanding the nature of media and how it is interpreted by the public. Although I am sure I will forget all this when the next hard module is presented.

I have made some friends, not loads, but the ones I have are strong, like-minded people who I know will help me when I need it. Due to them, I am stronger and feel more confident in my work and myself. This is showing in my work and I feel confident that I will go through to next year.

You have come so far. But don’t get content,  You have so far to go!!
Write again next year…

Sarah-Jayne Collins


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