Just walking on by…

Last night, my mum and I were driving home from our normal supermarket trip when we noticed a women lying on the floor. Due to past events, we were cautious but decided to pull over and make sure she was ok.
She wasnt responsive, breathing but unconscious so I thought it were best to call an ambulance. As the paramedics arrived, the lady in question started to come around and we realised she was foreign and slurring. Due to the fact that there appeared to be urine on her trousers, I automatically assumed it would be a head injury so did not treat her like a drunk. Thankfully the paramedics took her to the hospital to be treated.

But what was most shocking was how people reacted, they were just walking past like nothing was out of the ordinary. Just walking past talking. Now I would like to think that if I was passed out in the middle of the street someone would come and make sure I was ok, but after seeing this I admit I have my doubts.
 So readers if you see someone lying unconscious, even if you don’t want to go up and touch them. Stay near them, and for god sake call 999.


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