The International Street Entertainer Finals

The crowds gathered at the Hub in Central Milton Keynes as Street Entertainers from around the world competed to win the £1000 prize and win the title of “The Best International Street Entertainer”. This was all based on the publics vote.

The first act was “Dingle Fingle”, he was there purely to get the crowd going and ready for a laugh. He stated straightaway that he was not entering the competition, which I must admit was sad as he was instantly a favourite.
An all round entertainer, he entertained the children with his slapstick comedy whilst his banter was definitely aimed towards the adults. When I caught up with him back stage, his enthusiasm was clear to see although he was eager to explain the dangers that came with the job;
I have almost died a few times in this job, once I was practicing for a show and fell straight into a skip

Finishing the show on a 13ft unicycle, the crowd rushed to give there donations into his hat to show there appreciation.

Next up were Electric Cabaret, a duo involving a mime and a statue; these had the audience enthralled whilst telling a story. As the show started, you only saw the mime and what looked like a big rock. As part of the act; the mime got children come up and ‘bash’ the rock with inflatable hammers. The music suddenly turned dark, the rock made strange noises which scared the children hitting it, but bravely they carried on and eventually the rock became a moving statue.
The statue quickly became a show in itself, telling a comedic yet moving love story involving an unsuspecting member of the public. By the end of the show, you actually felt quite sorry for the statue.

Line Up took to the stage afterwards, providing the crowd with a dictation of every ladies worst nightmare. Dora Dare and her lazy husband entertained the audience with juggling, live music and the art of mirroring; getting the audience involved in every step.

Pickled pair came out of no where, entertaining the crowds by acting as cave men. After five minutes of this, the children where screaming for more.
Grabbing people from the audience to “nit check” and taking wives these were thoroughly entertaining to watch. At one point, one grabbed onto my phone and took a picture of himself. Then promptly ran away with it.

Last, but certainly not least, were Frantic UK. A dance group who brought the crowds to life with there moves. Including 2 members under ten who were competing in Germany for the title of best dance group. The crowd would not blink for fear they would miss something, this dance group were fast but amazing.

After a ten minute wait, the winner was announced and Electric Cabaret left with the £1000 prize! It was a brilliant way to spend a windy afternoon.


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