The battle of wounded knee

In 1980 there was the Battle of the wounded knee, mine however is a lot less traumatic still painful though =[

Now I am the first to admit that accidents happen, and whilst no one is completely to blame. The other person, who shall remain anonymous was slightly more at fault than me.
Due to the accident at work, I spent a few hours Sunday night in the walk in centre and A n E department of Milton Keynes Hospital with my leg balanced carefully on a chair. The pain in my leg is incredible, and although I’m in no ways a wimp I cried a little to mum.
Apparently there was a bit of a contradiction between the doctor and the xray department. The doctor sent us away, stating there was no fracture, it’d be worse tomorrow then it is today (a thing she is clearly right on) and take painkillers to control the pain. Sitting outside on the cold waiting for a taxi, a member of the xray department calls me back in and says that she has seen a fracture yet somehow in the process of moving computers they have lost it.
I have to go to the fracture clinic on Thursday but until then I am frustratingly stuck in my chair. This is a brilliant academic move as I can write all my coursework and go back to university no more rested then when I got signed off but with my coursework done.

Moral of this story: Work is very bad for you lol


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