Where I grew up…

Ok, I have been writing this blog for over a year now and looking through it I realise that readers don’t actually know much about me. So using the daily post 2o11 for inspiration I have decided to let you in on where I grew up.

Firstly my name is not Scarlett; I started writing using this name at a younger age. It has kind of stuck with me now, and its a habit that I want to get out of desperately as the name seems to be a major part of all my writing. I don’t want this to hinder me at all so my name is Sarah-Jayne.

I was born in a small town called Milton Keynes, in a particularly rough area called Netherfield. Going to the doctors recently, they seemed to think it sounded posh. I assure you it is not. We were recently voted the worst estate by the Citizen (our local newspaper) and I suppose we are although I have never had a particularly bad experience with the drunks on the bench by the shop.

Growing up I admit I was bullied badly, I knew that I would be. I had a speech impediment and children aren’t very forgiving. Although I hated it, I always see the silver lining, and I formed an unbreakable bond with my brother that has stayed strong throughout all our life.

I grew up with the strongest role models around, my dad left when I was younger, so my mum and aunt raised me. They did a fantastic job, not to brag, but I have a strong moral/ethical values. Whilst I think this is a good thing, my fiancée struggles that I only see issues in black and white- there is not normally any other way for me to see it.
The thing that most ‘outsiders’ don’t see is the sense of community between us Netherfieldians (yeah I made that up). My next door neighbours on the left stopped our house being broken into and chased the morons down the street. When my brother was in a coma, we were receiving cards from everyone telling us how sorry they were.
A lady who lives just up the road, Helen, is a best friend of the family. Spending most of the time at each others house when we’re bored, she is more like an auntie to me and when my real aunt passed away, she was invaluable to keeping our family together.

So when I walk down the street, I pay more attention to the amazing nature I have surrounding my house and ignore the grafitti.


4 thoughts on “Where I grew up…

  1. Hi Sarah-Jayne
    Thank you for that interesting bit of writing. I am puzzled..if you don’t like the name of Scarlett on yout profile..why do you not change it?.
    I always thought that Milton Keynes was a posh place but then it was one of the New Towns in the 1950’s so expect it has changed since then. I was born in Basildon essex also a New Town and that is a real rough area now . Not at all the quiet peaceful hamlet that it used to be in my childhood days
    Thanks again,, Be happy and keep smiling


    1. I have heard of Basildon, but I didnt know that it was made in the fifties…learn something everyday 🙂

      I tried clicking on your blog but it says there is no url?? Do you not have a blog?

      I have changed my name now =] unfortunately I cant change my username but the credit at the bottom is to Sarah-Jayne =]

      Thank you for commenting, means alot


      1. I enjoyed that a lot well done not exactly the way I would describe neitherfeild. But then I know what you mean about a sense of community and I do see it when I’m there. It’s just sometimes I pay more attention to the negative aspects of the place.
        so well done woop woop you lol


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