Disabled student creates conference to inspire others

Journalism and Media student, Sarah-Jayne Collins is organising a conference to inspire other disabled students to achieve their dreams.

Being diagnosed with a hearing problem at a very young age, Sarah-Jayne found it hard to complete day-to-day activities that people sometimes take for granted. Raised by her mum and auntie; they refused to let her give up, putting her through speech therapy and never accepting her disability as an excuse.

When coming to university, Sarah-Jayne struggled through the first year, not really wanting to accept help. “I was suddenly in crowded rooms trying my hardest to read the tutors lips whilst other students talked around me or tried to get my attention”

After finally accepting help from the disabilities office, Sarah-Jayne was inspired to help others. Using an assignment as a springboard; with help from two fellow students, Sarah-Jayne is creating a ‘conference’ which will provide disabled students with the information they need surrounding help and social’s where they can meet other students in the same situation.

This will be held at Coventry University on April 14th, Sarah-Jayne explains how she hopes to advertise it “I am hoping to gather some guest speakers and hopefully gain some local press coverage for the event to both promote awareness for Disabilities and to show the help Coventry University provides”

 Although Sarah-Jayne knows this will be a challenge, she clearly has a passion for her topic and a strong message to put across “I want to show that no matter what disability you are born with; you can do anything you want, there may just be a few more obstacles in the way.”


One thought on “Disabled student creates conference to inspire others

  1. Well done to Sarah-Jayne. Use your disadvantage to an advantage.. that is what life is all about.

    You are a brave lady and you should feel really proud of yourself.

    It is a privilege to read your blog thank you and God Bless you and keep you safe


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