Serial killers, media and ramblings.

I realised I only have one reader of my blog so wanted to say Thank you to Miss Whiplash. I finally found her blog because my laptop decided that it liked the blog today…it is very temperamental.

I am trying to blog almost every day as my blog can be anything I want it to be I’m sure. I have 3 but 2 are professional blogs so my journalism work is what goes into that. Right now I am thinking about serial killers! Dont worry, I haven’t snapped and decided to be one but my dissertation is on serial killers and the media that creates them.
If serial killers want to achieve infamy and the media give it to them, doesn’t this in effect make us guilty. Make me guilty as an avid follower of media covered trials! I have watched the Conrad Murray (Micheal Jackson Dr) trial for the last few weeks and listened to the arguments. He will clearly be found guilty and not because he is guilty but because when such an iconic man dies people want an answer. They wont be satisfied by the fact that Jackson was an old man in a lot of pain who just wanted some relief so they find a scapegoat and Murray is it.
Fred and Rose West, Jack the Ripper, Yorkshire Ripper and all the killers in between are ingrained in our minds as people who kill. Simply put, but by watching it and buying the papers who cover it, aren’t we encouraging those ill individuals who believe that the only way to be famous is to murder?

Just a thought! Sorry for the ramble.


One thought on “Serial killers, media and ramblings.

  1. I cannot be your only reader..that’s impossible..Anyway it is a pleasure to be here..
    I think that somehow serial killers are created , sometimes through happenings in their childhood or some other abuse which has tipped them over the edge. Killers are not born to kill so it must be influenced by other things, films, games etc..
    The media want to make’s as simple as that ..the bigger the headlines the more papers get sold and the more money they make…


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