The Blaze that put Coventry on the map

The image of the Olympic torch has been duplicated through every media outlet since its design was revealed. Premier Sheet Metal will make 8,000 duplicates of the original design, in preparation for the 2012 Olympics. Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osbergy wanted to ensure that the torch was relevant to each runner carrying the torch.
  The design has 8,000 laser cut holes throughout the two aluminium sheets, representing each of the runners who will carry the flame in the 70-day relay starting in mid May 2012.
The shape, whilst unusual, is inspired by the Olympic motto. Set by Pierre De Coubertin, “Citius, Altius, Fortius”, which translates from Latin into Faster, Higher, Stronger.  Incorporating the motto and functionality, the design is supposed to replicate a baton as Barber and Osbergy wanted to ensure it looked like a piece of classical sporting equipment.
  The two aluminium skins are pressed and welded together, with a die cast top and the 2012 logo embossed, and finished with a titanium nitride gold covering.  London 2012 chairman Lord Coe revealed that the torch is being subjected to 75mph winds, -5 degree temperatures and pouring rain in the hope to avoid any glitches.
  The torch weighs just 800g, including the propane fuel canister, and is tall at 80cm long. Designers Barber and Osbergy were mindful of the weight as many of the runners are aged between 12-24.
  The designers, although plagued with ‘flame out’ worries, are excited to see their design make its way through the country watched by the world as it lights the Olympic Cauldron at the opening of the games.
  The recent release of the torches route has tainted the companies’ celebration, as it will not pass eighty percent of the creator’s home. Dennis Meagher, director of Premier sheet metal, explains the disappointment at the news:
“I just think it’s terrible for the people of north Warwickshire. Most of the guys who work at Premier live in the surrounding areas of Bedworth, Nuneaton, all the surrounding villages. This has upset them.”
Despite this controversy, the people of Coventry are increasingly thrilled at the preparations happening for the arrival of the torch. Councillor John Mutton, who has put Coventry on the sporting map since hosting the international children’s sports day in 2005, is excited about the news:
 “We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to host the Olympic flame in Coventry and we are sure its visit will provide a celebration many of us will never forget. There is a whole host of 2012-inspired activity taking place in Coventry and across our region right now and I would encourage as many people as possible to get involved in any way they can before the chance passes us by.”
With the town playing host to both the torch relay, and the Olympic games, Coventry has truly earned the honour of being the second largest participator of the 2012 Olympics.


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