Where are all the good Samaritans?

Growing up I was taught the basics; morals and ethics that at the time appeared to be the societal norm. Closely resounding that of the ten commandments I was taught a complex amount of values that I live my life by and I thought that others do to. That was before I read the appalling article in the Daily Mail about a 22 year old who was kicked off of a bus at 3am for simply being 20p short on her fare and subsequently beaten and raped by disgusting attacker Joseph Moran.

According to Daily Mails ‘Platell’s People’  the public simply passed her by. Have good Samaritans ceased to exist? Are people so scared of repercussions that it stops them from providing basic help to those who need it?
Now our family have experienced enough pain in the wake of being a good Samaritans, whilst trying to get a hot chocolate for my sick Aunt I witnessed a murder and my brother ended up in a coma as a result of protecting a women in need of help from the hands of her attacker.
Yet when my mother and I walked home and saw a women passed out on the floor I was the first to go over to help her and subsequently called the ambulance. I don’t know what happened to her, but I sleep safe in the knowledge that I did everything I could.

What has happened to the sense of community we used to have? I used to be able to simply walk into my neighbours house and relax with them, I used to climb my fence in the back garden and talk to the guys next door yet now all windows and doors are locked whilst we sit in fear of thieves, rapists, murderers and general communication.

So I am interested in your stories? What would you have done, have you been a Samaritan? Let me know, and share the blog around?


3 thoughts on “Where are all the good Samaritans?

  1. Ya know Sarah-Jane , you don’t often write a post,…… well not as often as some other people…….but when you do..you write a CRACKER! That was superb and you should feel really proud of the fact that you stopped to help.

    yes I shall write a post about this and link it to your blog,,,Well done little flower..the girl did well !!! xxx


  2. It is scary to see where “community” has gone, and where “civilisation” is heading. Crime goes up where people have nothing to do, no job prospects, no communal projects, overpopulation and the problem seems only to be getting worse as local governments close youth clubs and community centres, play parks become shooting galleries for drug addicts and the police get laid off for “cost cutting”.

    The British are being steered towards staying indoors and hiding away, spending money on line and alienating themselves from their community.

    How long has it been since we’ve seen neighbours talking, even knowing each other’s names? People even sit texting friends and family in the same house rather than talking.

    So what’s the cure? Certainly charities geared towards community have failed, and local governments simply don’t care, supermarkets destroy community by eradicating local traders, then employing them for peanuts, thus adding to the mess, but boycotting them does nothing. Is there a solution? I used to think so, but I’m no longer sure.

    A great post and I hope that there are some great suggestions posted as replies!


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