Olympic Pride

Now if you are like me, you thought about the start of the Olympics as over hyped nonsense, and have been proved wrong. The excitement for me began for me when I was sat watching Danny Boyle’s fantastic opening sequence, not only because it had two stars in the form of Kenneth Branagh and J K Rowling, but because it epitomised Britain and its successes.
I was particularly drawn into the factory elements, watching the smoking chimneys rise from the ground to the beat of dramatic music. I was silent for the whole ceremony which for me is a major achievement!!!! The lighting of the torch was fantastic from beginning to the end, the idea of getting olympic hopefuls to be ‘given’ the flame by previous Olympic legends moved me to tears. The symbolism behind the torch was clear, you could be from any race, background, class and have any upbringing and still succeed. The seven teenagers beamed with pride as they set the Olympic torch on fire and Britain’s pride in the realisation of how far we have come.

Flash forward 9 days and the Olympics are everywhere. On the news, in the papers and the focus of many people’s blog. I get bored with the news reports I have to admit but when there is an Olympic sport on I am first to scream and shout at the television (which my boss hates as I work in a call centre and it is distracting). While I’m at the gym I am always watching the events and feeling pride at our Brits whether they win or not. We are now third on the list of forty-four competing countries which I am amazed at; I do not think we will get to first as we have never beaten China or America so for us this is fantastic.

I find myself watching events I would never have thought I would be interested in, I have always had a love or Archery and Athletics but I was watching White Water Rafting and shouting like I was an expert in the sport. Proud to say I am definitely team GB 🙂


One thought on “Olympic Pride

  1. I would love to be able to agree with you but I find it 100% boring…I have no interest at all in who wins what or who loses.However I am pleased that you are enjoying it.


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