The power of news

While watching television show ‘newsroom, I was struck by how influential it was and how I am moved by the passion shown on the show. The two episodes that come to mind, the most prominent of which is that of 9-11 conspirator Osama Bin Ladens capture. Starting with the simple voice of an anonymous call informing editor-in-chief that at 9.30pm he would receive a text informing him to get to work and a tweet “proud to be american”. The show focused on the power of the death of Osama. When Barack Obama addressed the nation; the world stopped fighting, crying and letting petty things pull them apart, instead they joined together in celebration of his death.

This reminded me of why I want to be a journalist, watching the end of the show I found myself unable to look away from the screen, felt myself fill up with pride and emotion. The influence of a simple news address can make or break a person. When the country heard about uni fees, they revolted and tossed us into chaos over the summer. When they were told of the death of Bin Laden, Sudan Hussain and Gadaffi, we rejoiced despite our race, religion and background. We became a world rather than separate countries all inhabiting one circle.

Then there is the danger of being a journalist, another issue addressed on the show. People are quick to judge when it gets presented wrongly, but there never thanked. Where is the memorial for the journalists beheaded in Iraq whilst writing a report on the happening, where’s the awards for bravery that are bestowed on soldiers. Dont get me wrong, I am one of the most patriotic person around and could write for hours on the hypocrisies that they face but I just think some og the recognition could be given to the news reporters who are beaten, raped and killed in order to get the whole story presented in a 3 minute slot- 10 if they get a feature!

Growing up, my idols were different to the other children my age. I grew up wanting to be a ‘bronte’ sister, Eva Peron and Arthur Conan Doyle . Now my heroes are David Frost, Robert=t Capa and Marie Calvern. Those that wanted to show the world what is happening around the world at any one time. Robert Cope died with his camera in his hands as he tried to capture events, David Frost pushed the limits with powerful people and captured one of the most iconic interviews in the world.


One thought on “The power of news

  1. Hello SJ..don’t see you around here very often. …but when you do make an appearance you write a very good is certainly good grounding for being a journalist
    I can recall a journalist who worked on TV and reported wars and other dangerous places. Kate was her first name but I cannot recall her surname. She was fantastic and was a really superb reporter. I think that she has now retired but their are others coming along behind who also put their own lives in danger so that we can know what is going on in the world…
    It is good that you are planning to join them…one more to add to the Very Very Brave Person List.


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