The choice is yours?!?



A worldwide debate has been sparked by the news surrounding abortion dates. Previously, a woman had a maximum of 24 weeks to terminate her pregnancy whereas, new legislation wants this to be reduced to 12.

Mr Hunt said it was for Parliament, not the Government, to determine the law on moral issues such as abortion.‘There are some issues that cut across health and morality, a bit like capital punishment does for crime,’ 

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  David Cameron has stated that he has ‘no plans to initiate this law’, despite three cabinet members fighting for it to be. My knowledge of law is basic but I vaguely remember being told that the prime ministers voice is not final and that if the majority rules it as a good idea then it will be presented to the House of Lords for it to be voted in as a Bill.

 Growing up I was antichoice I felt that abortion was wrong no matter what the circumstances, yet as I have reached my adult years I am now open to the possible circumstances that may justify the choice made by many. I do not believe that abortion is right in every situation.   I personally don’t believe that those whochoose to terminate the pregnancy due to the risk of disability in the child, those who use it as a contraceptive method or those who decide that their life would simply be ‘easier’ if they did not have the responsibility of a child, however those who choose abortion due to a traumatic event, medical reasons and because theinfant would not have the life it deserved in the hands of the parentshould have the option to choose. Whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I do not agree in the picket fencing, ostracisation and abuse hurled at these women, couples and families who are experiencing a hard choice already.

 I do, however, feel that the new rule to change the abortion limit to 12 weeks hinders the choice that women have as many of them do not realise they are pregnant until 6-8 weeks which leaves them with just 4 to make a life changing decision that should be the result of deep thought and consideration. I understand the thought behind this, the hope that it will make people think about what they are doing, to prevent more people choosing the easy way out’  but do you not think it will encourage a boom of babies entered into foster care that is already struggling to rehouse the amount of people in it , left at hospitals and in extreme situations in dumpsters’ as the mothers felt forced into having the child?

 This is not to say that I do not agree with the idea of shortening the time of choice from 24 weeks. This was initially decided as this was when the foetus felt consciousness and was considered to be a human being, but this is simply a theory, it could be much earlier. If we are discussing in legal terminology; a foetus is not considered human until it takes its first breath.

 The people I have met that have chosen to have an abortion leave no doubt that it was the hardest choice they have had to make and whilst none of them regret the choice they made as it was right at the time, they do appear to be haunted by it. One of which commented that they think about what they gave up daily.

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