Poorest pupils lack home internet

Poorest pupils lack home internet http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-20899109 This amused me, along with the sad news that book sales have slumped, why is this a problem? Growing up I-like many of my readers-did not have the internet to entertain or study! I spent the evenings and weekends down the local library researching the old fashioned way! I am the first to admit that the likes of googleGoogle have made this a lot faster to research, it is also misleading as most of the sites are inaccurate and it can take a very long time simply to verify the reading! But times are changing, adolescents shelves are no longer full of Bronte, Eyre and Dickens; choosing rather to dead writers like E.L James, Meyer and Harris who are good authors in there own right but never to be mistaken with the classics but they are full of ipods, macs, ipones, tablets and kindles! These are not the same and never can replace the feeling of holding a book and smelling the old book smell but if people are reading then I don’t really see a problem.


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