Manslaughter or murder?

Oscar Pistorius trial

Ok so Oscar has been granted bail in the ongoing case accusing him of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Now there has been a lot of theories floating around regarding the events of that fateful night- either way he is going to prison- now the question is will malicious intent be proven and another twenty plus years added to his sentence. There has been ‘additional evidence’ apparently added including the bloodied bat that has entered into evidence and a supposed love triangle which, whilst adding even more drama to a headline, has no bearings of fact to them.

The only facts that the media were given on the day of Pistorius was taken in for questioning was that there had been an incident of shooting at the Olympic heroes home involving Steenkamp and himself and that Steenkamp was dead. The police smartly refused to answer journalists probing questions simply stating that it would be premature and irresponsible.

Here are the basics that we know not assume:

1)      Valentines day morning, Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee shot through his bathroom door at his home and killed his model and law student girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He claimed that he thought she was an intruder but is now on trial to ascertain if this was premeditated


2)      Detective Hilton Botha has admitted shoddy police work when cross examined on Wednesday and it has also come to light that he is facing seven attempted murder charges after an incident in 2011 where three officers, himself included, shot at a minivan.


3)      Botched evidence appears to be the theme of the court case- police are changing witness statements from people who claim they heard Steenkamps screams from 600 metres away to 300 metres. And failed to take a picture of a spent bullet in the toilet, but did capture the Olympic medals.


4)      The  legs are in question… Pistorus claims that he was walking to the toilet without his prosthetics but the bullets appear to be higher up- the angles suggesting he did have his legs on. This is crucial to the case, if he had time to get his legs on then he could not have been to shocked by the Intruder. But Devils advocate, if someone broke into your house , would you not want the ability to run? And surely after so long would he not be able to do this quickly?


5)      Steenkamp had an empty bladder which was proven by the autopsy and used as evidence due to theories that the bladder would not have been empty at 3am if she had been asleep. Defence argues that she could have possibly locked herself in the toilet when she became alerted to Pistorius shouting at the intruder- but then why was there a spent bullet> (see 2)


6)      The bloodied bat has been dismissed from evidence. This was used to break open the door, despite Daily Mails headline suggesting it was used to crush Steenkamps head in.


7)      The confidence of a killer? Or the certainty of innocence? Officers claim that Pistorious was certain that he would be out by the weekend which apparently he shouldn’t have been. Would he not have been more suspicious if he sat quiet, said nothing, sobbed even? If he has nothing to hide, why should he have something to fear?


8)      He did have a gun in his room, as shown in a 2010 photograph run by the New York Daily News. But does one person owning a gun make him a killer?


The evidence has been botched, the prosecution a joke and the trial run like a media circus. At the end of the day a person’s life has been ended- whether by accident or on purpose. Pistorus is going to jail, his Olympic win forgotten, his medals tainted and his life in shatters. Let’s hope that he is trialled properly and that the right reasoning is found. Saying this, I don’t think he should have been granted bail; sure he has to hand over his passport but with the money and connections he has, is it really a good idea to not hold him?


We shall see….what do you think? Innocent, guilty, couldn’t care less? Let me know! 


One thought on “Manslaughter or murder?

  1. I think that he is guilty of murder but also that he will be either aquitted or found not guilty. Why do I think this.? Because in SA everything has its price, you just have to find the right price to get what you want. Oscar has a lot of money and money speaks even in the judicial system and especially in SA which is so corrupt that it is unbelievable. If you got money you can get away with murder!!!


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