Max and George: A friendship to rival Bill and Ben

Autumn 2013

Matt, Max and George break the mould on children’s stories

Sarah-Jayne Collins

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Matt Robins, 30, has shaken up the world of children stories with a duo as loveable as Tin Tin and Snowy.

Max is a young boy who is deaf; due to this he struggles to make friends, until he meets George who has his own special skills.

Inspired by his own deteriorating hearing; Matt has created a story that shows we are all special, no matter what, ‘I wanted to show that people with disabilities are no different; they have the same emotions, struggle and succeed just the same as anybody else. To get children to think about their actions whilst making it fun for them’

This book has all the characteristics of the great children’s books of our time. It has bright illustrations, strong morals that will teach children about acceptance, understanding and to treat everyone the same regardless of their disabilities. Matt’s passion for writing shines through when discussing the inspiration for this story
I wanted to bring back the morals that books showed when I was a child; those books taught me everything from stranger danger to helping save the planet, I don’t see this a lot in current literature’

After being made redundant from his job in private health care late in 2012, Matt used his spare time to write the book he always dreamed off ‘ I always wanted to be a writer but never thought it would happen, I love seeing children around Milton Keynes reading a book I written’ smiles Matt.

Just 8 months on and the book; which offers readers the chance to learn sign language throughout, has been selling strongly on Amazon and is even being used in a London School’s curriculum for their Personal, Social and Health Education classes.

Matt hopes to create a series of books following Max and George as they overcome many obstacles that face children in their day-to-day life.

Matt, and his inspirational stuffed monkey George, are busy promoting the book which is a great learning tool for kids of all ages.


This unique book is available as both a paperback and ebook for just £7.99. You can learn more about George, Max and the inspiration behind the story at

If you want a signed copy, contact Matt at


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