Welcome to the Sixties?

Welcome to the Sixties

2013 marked the return of the sixties to the fashion world. Bright colours, bell bottom jeans, little flesh and sexy style hit the stores following the Spring Fashion show. I myself am guilty of wearing this fashion- I am typing this in a 60’s inspired polka dot dress with a fitted cardigan to really make the skirt flair.


Clearly perfect for the fashion of the day


The return of this fashion trend is not a bad thing- in fact I think it exudes elegance – but the thoughts of the times appear to be coming back. Listening to my mother discuss Christmas Day; she informed me that it is really a women’s holiday and that if they did not decorate, cook, clean and organise presents then nothing would be done. This is not true of every household I am sure; in fact, my boyfriend’s father is the man who decorates the whole house (and I mean the whole house) but it seems the cooking and organising is mainly down to females.

I started thinking about this more recently when I overheard a colleague of mine stating that office work ‘is more of a women’s job and that men should have more physical job’. Looking at the UK National Statistics for 2013, women are still not being paid the equivalent of men for performing the same tasks.

I am reluctant to write the following statement for fear of being branded a feminist but I do think that jobs from certain industries are suited predominantly to females- these industries are those that require a high level of empathy, organisation, patience and attention to detail – Those roles such as secretaries, mothers, nurses and carers. I am not by any means stating that men can not be good at these jobs, I am sure they can, but I feel that they are mainly suited for women’s strengths.

With the apparent resurrection of the sixties; does this mean that the world will change as much as it did in the times?

I know that for women the sixties opened their eyes to a world that they previously never knew. Women were recognised for their work and were given the opportunity to carve careers if they so wished. The women’s liberation movement campaigned for women to have total freedom in education, careers, sex, abortion and all manners that previously were frowned upon.

Men, of course, did not like the independence that women gained with having their own pay cheque. They were no longer the ‘second sex’, they could be independent if they wanted to and did not have to be stuck in loveless marriages.

The tables are well and truly turned now with just as many women, if not more, are going to university and entering high level jobs. Lawyers, Doctors and Barrister roles are no longer secluded to just men. Even our Royals are showing the rise of women; Princess Katherine secured her place at Eton with an A and 2 Bs where as Prince William got an equally respectable A, B and C.

With this in mind, I cant wait for 2014 and what change it will bring for women, can you?


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