The Still Ones


If you stopped and sat a while,

You would surely see them there,

They do not breath, they do not move,

They just sit and stare.

Their gazes fixed upon you,

Wondering what it is you do,

They have seen culture through the ages,

And we are nothing new

        They try to tell us stories,

         Of huge battles and their cost,

            Of Tribes, Armies and Colonies,

                                                                   Of the millions we have lost.

                                                             The cobwebs are forming quickly,

                                                   The mould is spreading fast,

                  They have stood for 1000 years,

                    But who knows how long they will last.

                 Their marble is cracked now,

                    And the shine has surely gone,

                   Monuments that once stood tall,

                  Are ignored by everyone.

                     So when you next decide,

                      To go out and see the place,

                       Look deeper than the city walls,

                      To see the sad motionless faces.

Illustrations by Eomer Sweet


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