Just a few of my favourite things!

A blogger recently said there were not enough things about me on here, that I didn’t connect on a personal level. I’ll be honest, I am not great with opening up so I thought a quick list of my favourite things about November would be a good place to start!

Things I love about November:

❤ Waking up to the sound of rain hitting my windows ❤
❤ Going to bed to the sound of rain hitting my windows ❤
❤ The way the world shines after it has just rained ❤
❤ Hot drinks in a warm bed ❤
<Doing the ‘tippy tappy’ dance when I first put my feet on the cold kitchen floor ❤
❤ Big Jumpers and fluffy socks ❤
❤ Bright glittery scarves and gloves ❤
❤ Big woolen hats that you can hide bad hair days under ❤
❤ Nights on the couch, in your slobs, eating comfort food ❤
❤ The warm golden make up colours you use ❤
❤ Red Noses ❤
❤ Comfort food: bring on pasta, chillis and stews ❤
❤ Firework nights ❤
❤ Watching endless movies ❤
❤ Watching the world slowly become more Christmassy ❤
❤ Horror film nights with my friends and family ❤
❤ Candles are suddenly cool again ❤
❤ Watching the leaves fall off the trees ❤
❤ Autumn crafts ❤
❤ Ugg Boots ❤

What are you looking forward to this November?


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