Flash Fiction: 200 word short story

Wrote this short story in just 5 mins. 200 words, not horror.

Makes me smile thinking of it. Must be my days as a carer.

The sky seemed too bright to be midnight as Peter walked through the deserted streets. The twinkling fairy lights glared off of the snow, almost blinding him as he walked, yet filling him with festive cheer. ‘Should’ve worn gloves’ he thought to himself as he blew on his hands in a desperate attempt to warm his numb fingers.

Every Christmas Eve, Peter would walk the 15 miles from his house to theirs. Edna and Bobby had been together since the Second World War and he looked forward to his visits. He’d spend hours listening to their tales of war, rationing and finding love in a place so void of it; they didn’t recognize it when it came. Granddad always reminisced, saying he knew he loved her the moment she draped her legs across his as they sat at the drive-in movie. Double feature.

Walking into the familiar scent of their home, he smiled; Gran had been baking again. Opening the door, he walked into the front room and couldn’t help but smile as his eyes filled with tears. There, motionless on the sofa, were Bobby and Edna. Together until the last breath and, as always, her legs rested across his.


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