Flash fiction: A sailors protection

Michael clung on to the edge of the ship with all his strength, the large waves crushing his body and loosening his grip each time they hit the boat.  He felt his hand slipping; he couldn’t hold on for much longer, he was going to die.
Once he hit the water Michael continued to sink in the direction of the ship. The vacuum caused by the sinking vessel was dragging him in and removing chance of rescue. Looking down, his blurred eyes just made out someone – or something in front of him – that couldn’t be real, could it?

Swimming from the sea floor in the direction of the ship, was what looked like a human. It swum smoothly, not needing air at all, like a fish. Stopping when it met his eye, it passed him apparatus he did not recognize; she motioned for him to put it in his mouth. With nothing to lose Michael did and immediately his burning lungs took in oxygen and he could breathe.

Dragging him to the seas surface, she waited until he found nearby debris to float on, and then disappeared. Frantically searching, he saw only a single opening oyster to show she had ever been there as the flashlight of the rescue ship circled around him.


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