Play with me?

He’s gone. There one moment, vanished the next. My friend that I had cherished, loved and confided in for the last year. There was no warning, I hadn’t seen any boxes, nor had he told me about the move, not that he’s really speaking to me right now but you’d think he would let me know something this big.  Sitting on the window seat we used to share, I stare out at the climbing frame that looked so lonely amongst the green, the memories of our time playing on it. The hours we’ve spent on the swings or going down the slide, the garden was always full of laughter but now it just looked desolate.

Why did this always seem to happen to me? I meet a nice person that could be my friend, spend weeks building their trust but, when I met their parents, they’d disappear suddenly. I don’t think its how I look, I haven’t changed since I was 5 and I’m always kind, like my mother taught me to be.

Hot tears start to roll down my cheek, I really had liked Charles. He was funny, kind and always made me feel welcome. We would stay up for hours in this very bedroom watching cartoons or talking quietly so his parents didn’t wake up. He never asked why I was there or when I would leave because both needed a friend. Someone to talk to about problems that his parents just didn’t understand like the bully at school that teased him daily for always being alone or talking to himself. They were stupid and couldn’t see that he was never alone. I was with him. I did disappear sometimes, but only for a day or two. Thats why I can’t understand how they had moved so fast.

I can’t believe I was stupid enough to be caught like that but it was an honest mistake. I was just running down the hall, playing with Charles, and had become too excited to remember to keep my voice down. Of course, when they saw me, I had no time to explain before the screaming started. They never let me explain that I just wanted a friend, I’ve been trapped for centuries and I am ever so lonely. Suddenly Charles parents were always in his bedroom with him, never letting him be alone, I couldn’t even talk to him. In desperation, I tried to talk to him when he was in the bathroom but he ran away screaming – he didn’t even flush the toilet or wash his hands – they had turned him against me like so many others before him.

Months had passed and the house had remained empty. I was desperately lonely and spent my time wandering the halls of the house. I missed the sounds of a family; laughter, tears, anger and every emotion between. One day when I was sat crying on the window-seat, I heard a rumbling of a truck. I ran to the window and ripped open the curtains to see what was happening – god knows I needed excitement – and there, right in front of me, were two identical little girls. I guessed they were around my age.

‘Yay! New friends’ I thought excitedly and hid quietly in my window seat to watch the movers bring their stuff in!


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