Going Pin-Up full time

I have always been obsessed with the pin up style. Youtuber CherryDollFace channel is probably the most watched on my YouTube list. However, as I am not a big fan of people looking at me, I very rarely have the confidence to don the big red lips which would make me stand out from the crowd albeit for the right reasons – until now.

I was invited to a wedding of an old friend whom I had not spoken to for a while and decided this would be the perfect place to debut my new style and see if it suited me. I am happy to say it did – well I think so

11171704_10155551993900220_159010996_o 11201340_10155551994035220_1490102042_o 11204806_10155551993935220_289758377_o

Needless to say Lindybop is my new favourite website for dresses etc as I find them so flattering. I felt like a million dollars that day and the red lipstick even stayed on well into the evening with only one touch up. The only problem with trying to capture this style daily is curling my hair – I have a lot of it and it tends to take a long time to do it. I wake up at 6am for work and that only gives me an hour before I am out the door… curlers maybe? Let me know if you have any tips!

So first things first…I need to go buy the make up. Wish me luck!


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