Return of the Queen!

The water lapping against my body was a welcome feeling. I was so warm and it offered a little bit of relief, just a little. Opening my eyes, I tried to take in my surroundings and figure out where I was. Think back Charlotte I thought, the fog that encompassed my mind trying to thin itself and let memories seep through but they were patchy. A phone, a gold dress, pre going out cocktails, a text, a man and then… then… then nothing. Frustrated I sit up and look at my wrists for any stamps or signs of where I have been but they are plain except for a small scrape on my inner palm. Did I fall over? Running my hands over the rest of my body, I look for any more injuries, I have a bruise forming on my knee and a deep cut on my right hip, its tidy and clean, more like an incision then a cut. I place my hands on the floor and start to push myself up before a sharp stabbing pain rushes through my wrists and I fall back down, its jarred. Definitely fell down.

Carefully, I get up and adjust my clothing whilst doing a quick check over my clothes, definitely all in check and no tears. That rules out sexual assault but what happened? If I had gone out, a fact that I was pretty convinced of by now, then how did I end up here? Where were my friends? I shoved my hand into my bra. Damn! My phone was missing. Not that I could get any signal out here. Turning a full 360, all I could see was sand, palm trees and sea round me. No houses, no shops and no tat that you would expect to be beyond the seaside. My confusions was quickly being replaced by fear as my heart rate tried to match the pace of my brain. I lived in Milton Keynes where the only sea I saw was the sea of drap cement buildings that made up the landscape, any environment of beauty quickly ripped down and replaced with a new set of flats or offices. The nearest beach was at least 3 hours away, I was definitely a long way from home and from the wilderness in front of me, I weren’t getting home easily. I looked up towards the sun, hoping to estimate the time in relation to its position but there was something wrong with it. It was broad daylight but it looked like the moon was out, not the sun, the familiar fire ball replaced with a dull blue circle. Where was I?

I started walking in the opposite direction to the sea, trying desperately to find anything that could tell me where I was or what had happened. My hair, which I always wore down, was now up in a rough bun, a sticky substance sticking the auburn strands of hair together. I run my hands through it and pulled, my hand was red. Blood? I kept checking, naively hoping that the results world be different, but my hands were stained red everytime. My vision blurred as tears threatened to fall. I was alone, scared and clearly injured although the blood seemed to be old and not still running, that was a plus. I wiped the few tears off of my eyes and caught my breath, I needed a plan of action.

I looked at the thing in the sky, it may not look like the sun but it was daylight and it was out, so I had no other option. If it was the sun, and I had to think it was for my sanity, then it the position would show me the time. I searched my brain for any mention of the sun at school and established that I should have paid more attention at school, I knew nothing but my dwindling common sense told me it was midday. I walked in the opposite direction to the water, hoping that I would come across a building or a person at some point. It was a long shot but if I stayed where I was I would be dead in a few days anyway and I could always double back, the risk of dehydration was worth it.

I walked until the blisters on my feet had blisters, the sun hot on my back and nothing but white sand ahead of me which was threatening to melt the cheap flats I had worn to go out.The sun moon thing was sitting just above the water menacingly. If it went down then complete darkness would descend and I would have no choice but to stop moving for the night. Panic gripped me and I walked faster towards the nothingness that lay before me.

The sun was only just visible above sea line, a welcome chill filled the air as night time prepared to descend when I saw it. The building in front of me, stood isolated in the middle of the beach. The sun bounced off of the fourth floor windows, the light bouncing down onto the sound and temporarily blinding me. I broke into a jog, the excitement of my salvation spurring me on. I slowed as I got closer, the sheer size of the building becoming a little overbearing. The amount of balconies, each having large double tinted windows as its entrance and exit,  made the hexagonal house look discoloured, the sun creating an ugly mix of all colours featured. The brick had faded, its once fiery red colour now a faded orange that looked like it needed another coat. The fence surrounding the building had subsided to rot, the thick timber now reduced to unsturdy, weak and easily breakable wood that was being eaten from the inside out. The whole house looked like it needed some TLC to bring it back to its former glory.

I run into the odd building; ignoring the crumbling appearance and warning signs on the gate. The hallway was painted a metallic blue, with symbols I recognised but was sure I had never seen before, positioned strategically on every wall. A single chair, grande in nature, almost throne like stood in the middle of the room both proud and threatening in equal measure. A board entitled ‘covenant position’ took up the entire back wall and was plastered with star correlations I had never heard of when I was at school. Everything was covered with a fine layer of dust, the contents laid untouched in a while. My heart sank, that meant the place was deserted and I was alone again. “Hello….Hello” I called out, my voice playing back to me in the echo of the large hall. I stepped into the hallway and called out once more. “Is anyone there? I am lost, kidnapped I think, and really need to get home. Do you have a phone? Anybody?” The silence hung in the air like the heavy fog that had clouded my mind earlier. I turned and faced the door before I heard them. The footsteps along the upper hallway and towards the stairs. Towards me. I held my breathe and waited for a figure to appear at the top of the staircase. I didn’t have to wait long, within a few minutes he was there. A tall man, not particularly broad but with a strong figure. “I am sorry to bother you. I did knock, I need to borrow your phone to get home please.  Could you tell me where I am?” The stranger put his arm up, as if to silence me and continued to walk towards me, becoming more clear. His blue eyes looked at me knowingly, he wasn’t surprised I was here. He wore casual clothes, blue jeans and a fitted dark blue shirt rolled to the elbows that showed his muscular arms. Just the edge of his tattoo showed, the same symbol as I had seen on the walls of the hallway. Stopping at the bottom of the stairway, he held his hand out, a crested ring on his finger showing nobility, “Ahh Queen Jochina, I am sorry for the shocking circumstances surrounding your arrival but we needed you back on the throne immediately. The triumphant have returned to finish what you started.”


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