This is the most difficult thing to write about – me! I am 26 and a writing enthusiast who has an obsession with all things horror!

A while ago I started this blog, originally as a college project and I am the first to admit I did not give it 100% all the time. Then I discovered my love of writing and started taking it more seriously. Although I seem drawn to scaring people with my short stories, I am trying to branch out and write in various genres – romance still confuses me. It is so hard to write about.

Although it would be nice to have millions of people reading my writing and feeling the unease that only comes after you have been well and truly scared, I know that this is not always a reality. Still my heart soars with every new follower I get and if you subscribe then you make my day!

Thank you for everyone who takes time out of their busy day to read my short stories, it really is appreciated. I will continue writing just as long as you keep reading. If you think of a story you want me to write – let me know!

Contact me via email, Facebook, Twitter or you can always comment!

Much love ❤


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